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Giuseppe "Beppe" Raffa of Intel Speaks on "Amplifying Human Potential with AI"

Giuseppe "Beppe" Raffa is a Principal AI Engineer at Intel Labs, focusing on Human/AI Collaboration research. At our April meeting, he will speak on "Amplifying Human Potential with AI".

At Intel Labs, Beppe leads a multi-disciplinary team working at the intersection of AI, UX, and HCI – focusing on Ambient Computing domain, lately researching on novel techniques for human activity recognition, video understanding, and large foundational models. He is currently interested in Smart Manufacturing domain, in particular Task Guidance & Performance Support through Human-In-The-Loop approaches.

During his career, Beppe also worked on the Intel Labs Sensor-Hub prototype, inertial-based gesture recognition, wearable computing & multi-modal interfaces, and soft sensing.

He received his PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of Bologna (Italy). Over his career, he published >20 papers on ubiquitous computing, filed >100 patents, he is a long-standing committee member in top tier IEEE/ACM conferences and reviewer for NSF research proposals. He has been collaborating with a number of universities including Oregon State University, UC Boulder, National Taiwan University, MIT, VirginiaTech, KAIST, American University of Beirut, Oakland University, Portland State University, UCSD. He chairs the Industry Advisory Board of the NSF-sponsored IUCRC Center “Pervasive Personalized Intelligence”.

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